The Green Inferno Now Available on DVD & Blu-ray

I think one of the most enjoyable horror releases in the theaters last year was Eli Roth’s THE GREEN INFERNO (my review). This was Roth’s love letter to the Italian cannibal sub-genre of the 1970s and 80s. The film boasted all the elements that made films such as ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST, CANNIBAL FEROX, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, and JUNGLE … Continue reading

New Clips Drop for Upcoming Horror Film, The Forest

Let the new horror released for 2016 begin!! First up is a new clip for the upcoming film, THE FOREST. THE FOREST is directed by Jason Zada, is written by Ben Ketai, Sarah Cornwell, and Nick Antosca, and stars Natalie Dormer, Taylor Kinney, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, and Eoin Macken. Check out the plot synopsis: Rising with terrifying grandeur at … Continue reading

The Horror on Netflix: What’s Coming & Going

Check out all the horror films that are coming and going on Netflix for January 2016: NEW ADDITIONS: CONSTANTINE (2005) In this Keanu Reeves version, audiences are introduced to John Constantine–a man who has literally been to Hell and back and a man who battles his own demons! CURVE (2015) A young woman becomes trapped in … Continue reading

A Christmas Horror Story (2015) … Krampus, Ghosts, & Zombie Elves!!

  Back in the 1980s it was easy to make a Christmas horror film. Slap a Santa suit on a deranged killer and the script practically wrote itself. Now that the Christmas demon, Krampus, has become ingrained in North American minds, most modern-day Xmas horror flicks will have some kind of mention of this evil bastard. Furthermore, being that … Continue reading

Krampus: The Reckoning (2015) … Voodoo Dolls & Fire!!

Krampus. This dark companion of old Saint Nick seems to be getting more popular with every passing Christmas. And why not? There’s a lot of fertile material to be mined from Krampus. Santa rewards the good kids with presents while Krampus punishes the bad children by beating their asses with tree limbs and whips. Of … Continue reading