Anything Horror Scott’s 15 Best Horror Films of 2015

I have been so excited to write my Best Horror Films of 2015 list this year!! I usually struggle to find eight films that I love (my lists are usually ten items long), but this year I increased my list to fifteen because I saw so many great ones in 2015. Due to a pesky, intruding personal … Continue reading

Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Because I’m a writer, I’m also a shameless self-publicising exhibitionist, so I will take every appropriate opportunity to hawk my work or work in progress. At the moment, it’s the latter, a novel 90% completed, about a teenage cowgirl battling a murderous Skinwalker in 1895 Manchester (and yes, I will be looking for any kind … Continue reading

Kurt Russell Horror-Western Bone Tomahawk Set to Headline 2015 Fantastic Fest

There’s so many awesome things happening in the above headline!! Firstly, Kurt Russell is returning to the genre; secondly, Russell is starring in a horror film; thirdly, the film, BONE TOMAHAWK, is getting mad buzz and great word of mouth. BONE TOMAHAWK is written and directed by S. Craig Zahler and in addition to Russell stars an … Continue reading

Remake of Escape from New York is Back on Track

The other day reported that Fox Studios emerged from competitive bidding and locked down the deal to remake John Carptenter’s 1981 cult classic ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. I’m sure I don’t need to recap, but for the younger readers out there, here’s a plot summary for ya: Kurt Russell played Snake Plissken, an eyepatch-wearing badass who is offered a deal: … Continue reading

Let ‘The Thing’ Week Begin!!

Well it’s finally here.  We’re just a few days away from THE THING prequel’s release.  I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to this one.  The green- and red-band trailers look great, I’ve read that the f/x won’t all be CGI, and it’s not a remake!!  A few months ago, frequent … Continue reading