New Short Film Hang Up!

Even the most casual reader of will know that I absolutely love the short films of filmmaker Richard Powell. Worm (2010), Familiar (2012), and Heir (2015) are some of the most well-made short horror films I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot). Since it’s been three years since Heir, I’ve definitely been jonesing for a Powell fix. My wishes (and yours) have been answered. Richard Powell is back with a new horror short, Hang Up!. Hang Up! stars Robert Nolan, Astrida Auza, and Jane Pokou. Check out the press release below:


FATAL PICTURES in association with RED SNEAKERS MEDIA is proud to announce HANG UP!

From the filmmakers that brought you WORM, FAMILIAR, HEIR, REMOTE & THE LAST HALLOWEEN, comes the new short form nightmare HANG UP! Starring Robert Nolan, Astrida Auza & Jane Pokou.

Synopsis: “An accidental butt dial provides a curious husband an unexpected glimpse into the mind of his loving wife”

No release date has dropped yet, but I’ll be all over this one and let you know as soon as I hear anything.

Stay Bloody!!!

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