The Revenant (2015) [Ready Scott]

In my article about the Worst Horror Movies of 2015 (you can read it here), I included Quentin Tarantino’s THE HATEFUL EIGHT. Looking back at it, I may have been overly harsh. A second viewing showed it wasn’t as bad as I first thought. Tarantino was looking back at all those old Western TV shows, … Continue reading

Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Because I’m a writer, I’m also a shameless self-publicising exhibitionist, so I will take every appropriate opportunity to hawk my work or work in progress. At the moment, it’s the latter, a novel 90% completed, about a teenage cowgirl battling a murderous Skinwalker in 1895 Manchester (and yes, I will be looking for any kind … Continue reading

Jekyll and Hyde (2015)

I’ve seen the billboards for this 10-part series on the UK’s ITV channel on my way to work more than once, but never really gave it much consideration, despite the obvious horror connections. Why? Because Robert Louis Stevenson’s story of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde has been done to death almost as much as Frankenstein, … Continue reading

The Last Shift (2015)

Sometimes, less is more. A writer can find themselves overloading a plot with far too many characters, too many subplots and convolutions and beginnings and endings and bloody hell Peter Jackson what the flip was up with the nine endings to the Lord of the Rings saga anyway? Ahem. Yes, Less can be More. A … Continue reading

The Sand (2015)

One of those near-forgotten movies from my childhood was BLOOD BEACH (1980), with John Saxon and Burt Young as cops trying to work out why people are disappearing under the sands of their local beach (hint: it was a monster that wanted to be a TREMORS Graboid but the budget made it look more like … Continue reading