Upcoming 2017 Horror Films … Let the Trailers Begin!!

Here are some trailer for upcoming 2017 horror films. These are looking pretty tight!! Enjoy.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter — Written and directed by Oz Perkins and starring Emma RobertsKiernan Shipka, and Lucy Boynton, this one is about two girls who must battle a mysterious evil force when they get left behind at their boarding school over winter break.

Saw: Legacy — Directed by the Spierig brothers (Michael and Peter Spierig), this one stars Laura Vandervoort, Matt Passmore, and Tobin Bell. In this entry, dead bodies begin to turn up all over the city, with each meeting their demise in a variety of grisly ways. All investigations begin to point the finger at deceased killer John Kramer.

Crepitus — Directed by Haynze Whitmore and starring Bill Moseley, Eve Mauro, and Taya Parker, this one deals with two kids who learn some disturbing things about their family’s history.

The Void — Written and directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski, this is one of my most eagerly anticipated films of 2017. In it, some patients and cops get trapped in a hospital which is actually a road that leads to Hell.

Alien: Covenant — Ridley Scott returns to his roots with the next saga in his Alien franchise.

It Comes at Night — Written and directed by Trey Edward Shults, this one is about a world endanger by an unnatural threat and the way one family deals with it.

The Belko Experiment — With Greg McLean directing James Gunn’s script about a very twisted social experiment, how can this one miss?

Hounds of Love — A twisted couple kidnaps a school girl in this horror film by writer-director Ben Young.

Raw — My other most anticipated horror film of 2017. Raw takes a look at cannibalism in the real world, and it doesn’t look like it’s for the faint of heart.

What do you think? Which films are you looking forward to?

Stay Bloody!!!

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