SlashBack Thursday: Best Horror of 1983

Anything Horror’s very own EvilQueenB is starting a new column. On Thursdays, she will chose choose a year and list her favorite genre films from said year. I think this will remind us all of the great horror films that studios used to release!! –AHS


There has always been a lot of discussions centering around what decade was really the best for horror. I thought instead of delving into the differing decades of horror, why not look at the differing years of horror. That’s why I’ve started this weekly segment entitled Slashback Thursday. The years would range from the 1970’s to the present with years chosen at random. Up first, we slice and dice our way through the best of the blood soaked horror films of 1983.


If you watched horror in the 80’s, Stephen King films were all but mandatory on the watch list. King’s story of a vengeful classic 1958 Plymouth Fury, turned love into a many splintered thing, along with trisected bodies in back alleys and a flaming dead body on the roadway. John Carpenter’s vision of King’s work, put Christine in the untouchable remake department and one of the best horror films of that year.

Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp helped to build the valley of the slasher flicks in the 80’s. Ahead of it’s time (if you ask me) in terms of pure shock value from beginning and especially to the end. Directed by Robert Hiltzik, his take on Angela Baker, a shy girl sent to summer camp, which ends in deadly consequences for the campers was a campfest literally throughout making it one of the best horror screams of ‘83.

Twilight Zone: The Movie

Although marred by a tragic helicopter accident, 1983’s Twilight Zone brought some of the now greats in horror together to create this classic anthology series. Pulling from both the original series and crafting it for the time period this trip to the Twilight Zone was well worth it.

Jaws 3

In 1983 Jaws 3D, was the be all end of getting your horror up close and personal. Set away from Amity and in a theme park, the Brody brothers once again battle a killer shark. Although not as well crafted as the original film in the franchise, Jaws 3 still managed to give you an unhealthy fear of the water, even if it’s in a water park.


What do car issues and an unvaccinated 200 pound dog have in common? They of course come from the mind of Stephen King. Cujo helped to usher in the creature feature films of the 80’s.This movie also singled handedly started my love of large breed dogs, namely Saint Bernards. Which is why this Stephen King classic will always be one of my favorite films of 1983.

Psycho 2

Norman’s back! After two decades in an insane asylum, Norman Bates is ready to rejoin society, but society might not be ready for him. Although over 20 years time span of it’s original predecessor, the film still found its place in the slasher genre and helped to kickstart the Psycho franchise.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller

At clocking in at about 13 minutes, Michael Jackson’s Thriller is hardly considered a full length film, it just feels like one. One of the most groundbreaking videos in terms of music, dance and sheer horror value. Jackson’s Thriller is a timeless and yearless classic!

Honorable Mentions to Amityville 3D, Stephen King’s The Dead Zone, and Videodrome.

Did I miss a film for 1983? What to recommend a year? Let me know @horrorevilqueen

Stay Bloody!!!

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