Trailer Drops for the Possession Tale, Anguish

I think it is pretty safe to say that I’ve made more than a few jabs about how stale the zombie sub-genre has gotten, and about how overused and annoying most found footage films have become. These two sub-genres need some new blood for sure. But what about the possession sub-genre? This horror trope has been over-saturateing the genre for years now and no one seems to mind. Well, I do!! With that said, the possession film ANGUISH has dropped its trailer, and it looks … standard.


ANGUISH is written and directed by Sonny Mallhi and stars Ryan Simpkins, Annika MarksKarina Logue, Cliff Chamberlain, Amberley Gridley, Ryan O’Nan, and Paulina Olszynski. Check out the plot crunch:

A girl, Tess, is diagnosed with an identity disorder that may actually be channeling an evil, dead spirit inside of her.

I may be wrong, but didn’t we see this film already? It was titled, THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN!! A different plot synopsis suggests a different twist:


Tess, a teenage girl, is finally old enough to understand that the cause of her psychological problems is a supernatural “gift” that’s allowing a spirit to force itself inside of her. Tess must decide whether she wants to keep fighting or succumb.

This plot crunch suggests plot elements of INSIDIOUS. Let’s check out the trailer and see what’s really going on:

Fangoria magazine is praising the shit out of this film, but I’m not seeing anything new in the trailer. Hopefully the acting and filmmaking is on point. No news on a release date yet, but I’ll keep my eyes on this one.

Stay Bloody!!!

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