Last Girl Coming to DVD & VOD September 29, 2015

The brutal and much talked about indie film, LAST GIRL has found its way onto DVD and various VOD platforms, and the wait is almost over. LAST GIRL will be available on September 29, 2015. Being hailed as one of the most brutal and disturbing films ever made, LAST GIRL has a big reputation to fill (especially from this horror film lover), but the trailer does indeed look promising. Check out the press release and the trailer below:

Last Girl3



Beyond extreme… Beyond horror… The Urban Legend Becomes Real…

Available for the first time on DVD Sept. 29th!

Reality filmmaker Jorje Krippe’s masterpiece Last Girl (originally titled #12) circulated for years in Detroit’s underground on VHS. Considered an urban legend by many horror fanatics, Renegade Video’s reality videos were numbered #1 – #12 with collectors paying up to $200 for each installment when they could find them. Each movie featured a single victim, tortured and killed in realistic fashion.

Last Girl2

Krippe insisted his work was fictional, using paid actors and special effects artists, and was a pale reflection of Detroit’s everyday brutality. Observant viewers however, have discovered uncanny resemblances between some of his actors and women who have been reported missing. These include Carla Gutierrez, who disappeared in Detroit on June 6, 2010, and Sheila and Lucy Monroe, sisters who disappeared later that year.

Reality or fiction, #12 was the last movie Krippe would shoot. His Last Girl. 

Aquiring #12 at the DOA Blood Bath Film Festival in Dallas, TX, producers Erik Bauer and William Viglione hired director James P. Mercurio to edit the footage. A haunting score by Paul Wiley and scenes from Krippe’s earlier movies were added to enhance the story and bring the running time of Last Girl to 82 minutes.

Last Girl1


Kidnapped and tortured, elite call girl #12 must overcome her attackers and fight through a post-industrial hell to avoid the brutal filming of her own death. Last Girl builds to a shattering conclusion you will never forget. This footage was only previously available in the Detroit underground by reality filmmaker Jorje Krippe, and his extreme vision has now been released for the first time.

“The most extreme horror ever filmed” – Philip Chidel (Director, Subject 2)

“A Punch to the stomach… so freakin raw and disturbingly rough” – Andrew Rose (DOA Bloodbath Film Festival)

You can buy the DVD on Amazon. Now dig on the trailer:

Stay Bloody!!!

Last Girl4

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