Official Trailer Drops for Llamageddon


No, that’s not a typo in the headline. Besides, who says the SyFy channel and The Asylum are the only ones who can create absurd, yet fun, creature flicks!! The film is LLAMAGEDDON and if you guessed that this about a killer llama, then you’ve probably seen too many of these films (plus, you were right). LLAMAGEDDON is directed by Howie Dewin and stars Jacques M. Felin, Pinki Brainweis, L. Lean Burnside, E.B. Buxxner, Richard Cymbals, Leona L. Dandee, Mary Haddilam, Gooch Jesco III, Sunshine Phoenix, John Selmy, Aaron O.O. Shanson, Erin Stacy, and Chet Steadman. Check out the short but sweet plot crunch:

A killer llama from outer space crash lands on Earth and brings death and destruction to everyone in its path.

Yes... this is indeed a llama shooting lasers from its eyes.

Yes… this is indeed a llama shooting lasers from its eyes.

See, you were wrong. It’s not just about a killer llama, it’s about a killer llama from space. Before we get to the trailer, check out the animated intro first. It’s pretty fun:

Now dig on the trailer:

No release date has been set yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as one drops. Besides, with the summer coming and all, we’ll need a break from all those killer sharks.

Stay Bloody!!!





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