Trailer Drops for Bestseller

Ya gotta love a kid’s author who has a dark side!! Johnathan Rand is a well-known children’s author who writes adult fiction under the pseudonym Christopher Knight. One of his adult novels from 2003, BESTSELLER, was adapted to the big screen and it seems to be a hit. The film, also titled BESTSELLER, is directed by Christina Rohn, the screenplay was written by Travis Goddard, and it stars Melissa Anschutz, DJ PerryTerence Knox, Lana Wood, Ralph Lister, and Taylor Nichols. Check out the press release for the plot crunch and then dig on the trailer.


BESTSELLER is a Frightening Translation From Book To Screen

For Immediate Release

Johnathan Rand is an internationally known author to children for his AMERICAN CHILLER, ADVENTURE CLUB and other favorites. He writes his adult fiction under the name Christopher Knight. One of his more popular novels is the dark thriller BESTSELLER. The film premiered in Knight’s hometown last month at the Historic Opera House in Cheboygan, Michigan to a sold out crowd.  The audience was treated to edge-of-the-seat tension build that concluded with a heart pounding cat and mouse chase.


The story is about Anne Harper (Melissa Anschutz), a successful literary agent who retreats to a secluded cabin up north, only to find her vacation has become her nightmare. Stalked then hunted and all in blueprint fashion, she reads, she imagines but the worst part is she knows… what’s coming next.

Produced by Misery Bay Films in association with Collective Development Inc. and Lake Street Media.  The film stars; Melissa Anschutz (Ashes of Eden), DJ Perry (GPS), Ralph Lister (Oz, the Great & Powerful), Terence Knox (Deadly Renovations), Lana Wood (Diamonds are Forever) and Taylor Nicholas (Jurassic Park III) and is directed by Christina Rohn.


The film is about to start playing Friday June 5th in Grand Rapids, MI and is being requested by venues across the state. The film could expand out to other states before moving heavily to the home video markets.

You can learn more about BESTSELLER by visiting their official website and checking them out on Facebook. Check out the trailer:

Stay Bloody!!!


One Response to “Trailer Drops for Bestseller”
  1. megat says:

    The movie is great! A must see edge of your seat thriller. Get a sitter and enjoy a night out where the story line captures you and holds you until the end. Enjoy!


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