Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep Premiering at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015

Did ya see 2008s GUTTERBALLS? This is an extremely gory rape-revenge story set at a bowling alley. The movie boasts some fantastic practical f/x as well as one of the most graphic, disturbing rapes ever caught on camera. GUTTERBALLS developed quite the following and lead writer-director Ryan Nicholson to finally making a sequel to it, GUTTERBALLS 2: BALLS DEEP, seven years later. Nicholson is one of my favorite indie horror directors who is the mind behind the segment, “Torched” in the 2006 horror anthology HELL HATH NO FURY, LIVE FEED, FAMINE, STAR VEHICLE (formerly titled BLEADING LADY), and HANGER (not to mention all his upcoming films).

indie horror filmmaker & special f/x guru, Ryan Nicholson

indie horror filmmaker & special f/x guru, Ryan Nicholson


GUTTERBALLS 2: BALLS DEEP is once again written and directed by Ryan Nicholson and stars Momona KomagataAidan Dee, Wade Gibb, Stephanie McFarland, Kirsty Peters, and Holly Pottie. And don’t worry, the BBK (Bowling Bag Killer) is back as well!! No official plot has been released yet but if you live in or around Dallas, Texas you can see the premier of GUTTERBALLS 2: BALLS DEEP at this years Texas Frightmare Weekend, May 1-3, 2015. Nicholson will also be attending TFW and will be introducing his film.

Who’s going to this year’s TFW?

Stay Bloody!!!



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