Friday the 13th Reboot Gets a Writer

Jason1Looks like the long talked about FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot is moving forward. Last I wrote about this project (click here), the producers seemed to have everything for the reboot ready to go except for a cast and a writer!! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Platinum Dunes and Paramount recently hired a writer for the upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH reboot. It’s a good thing too, since they already have the release date (Friday, May 13, 2016) set. The man who will write the script is Nick Antosca, who wrote such TV shows as HANNIBAL and BELIEVE. David Bruckner is still directing.

The Hollywood Reporter article also drops the detail that the sequel will “employ the found-footage technique and answer the decades-old question of why slasher Jason Voorhes can’t be killed.” These are two big elements that could mean big changes for the direction of the franchise.

Still no casting news and no more details of the direction of the story have been revealed.

What do you think of the new direction of this reboot?

More info on this one as it’s released.

Stay Bloody!!!


2 Responses to “Friday the 13th Reboot Gets a Writer”
  1. walter says:

    Found Footage is very dissapointing


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