Upcoming Thriller, Chase, is Coming!!

Filmmaker Michael Matteo Rossi has made an impressive impact on many genres in his short career. From the horror short, Still to the thriller-dramas Sable and Misogynist, Rossi knows how to put together a tight, thoughtful film. Rossi is back, and this time with the hit-man thriller, Chase. Check out the plot crunch:

A hitman must prove his loyalty to his mentor and best friend, while his girlfriend wants to leave the business behind them.

Chase stars Damien Puckler, Jessica Morris, Aries Spears, Skye Townsend, Richard Riehle, and Devanny Pinn. The film is about a young hitman who is “torn between the loyalty he has for his mentor/best friend and his girlfriend and young son, whom he was responsible for orphaning.” Rossi describes his new project, as

[A] roller coaster of a ride. I feel there’s a lot of stinging emotion mixed with some action and a lot of unique kills from our lead hitman. It’ll definitely be a bloody journey for the characters involved that the audience will be invested in.

There’s no release date as of yet, but you can keep an eye on this one via their Facebook page.

Stay Bloody!!!

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