Teaser Trailer Drops for The 11th Patient

Since I first came across the work of Derek Cole, I’ve been a huge fan of his. He is, simply put, one of the most interesting, unpredictable, and exciting horror directors working today. I first came across Cole’s work when I watched The Mutilation Man, which he wrote and directed with his brother, Shane. This is a film that effortlessly blends a few sub-geners into one fantastic film. After watching that film, I made it a priority to keep my eyes on Derek Cole. After Mutilation Man, I caught his short film, The Unforgiven, starring frequent collaborator, Stephen Twardokus. This is a six-minute film that packs more punch than most full length Hollywood features. Then in 2012, Cole put out another full length feature, An American Ghost Story. This is a damn near perfect film that hits all the right notes. Cole then returned to the short film format with Let Me See Your Eyes. Cole again hits this one out of the park and proves that he has some serious chops and can dominate bother the short film and feature length formats. So, when Cole emails me to let me know his latest teaser trailer is out and if I’d cover it, you can bet your ass I jumped at the chance!!

The 11th Patient is still in production and should be completed by the end of the year, but Cole managed to put together a fantastic teaser trailer. The 11th Patient stars Cole’s son, Steven Cole, this is their first collaboration. No plot details are available yet, and I’m going to stop rambling on and just show you the damn teaser trailer!!

You can bet that when more details emerge, I’ll be passing them on to you.

Stay Bloody!!!

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