Exploitation Flick Homicycle Gets Release Date

Homicycle posterNothing makes me happier than when an exploitation flick delivers. I love all the various sub-genres of horror, but there’s something so comforting with an exploitation flick that warms my very cockles (what the hell is a cockle, anyway?). The upcoming HOMICYCLE looks like it delivers. HOMICYCLE is directed by Brett Kelly, is written by David A. Lloyd (with additional dialogue by Jennifer Mulligan), and stars Candice LidstonePeter WhittakerIan Quick, Donna St-Jean, Catherine Mary Clark, and Veronika D’Arc. HEMICYCLE was made last year and will finally be released later this year, on August 11, 2015, on both DVD and various digital platforms. Check out the press release, which also contains the plot crunch:



Racing to DVD and Digital August 11, 2015

In a city riddled with corruption, drugs and gangs, a veteran cop is murdered by a vicious king pin, sparking a brutal crime wave.  Only one man can stop the bloodshed – a ruthless, motorcycle riding vigilante bent on bloody revenge called HOMICYCLE who’s now picking off the killers one by one.  Armed with an arsenal from Hell, he’s cleaning the streets by decapitation, nail gun and motorcycle madness!  Is he a gun-toting savior on a path of righteous redemption, or is he literally HELL ON WHEELS?  

“It’s like Ghost Rider, but made in the 70s.  I can dig that” – horrormovies.ca





SRP: $14.99

Street Date: August 11, 2015 

Director: Brett Kelly 

Starring: Candice Lidstone, Ian Quick, Peter Whittaker 

Production Year: 2014

DVD Tech Specs / Info: 2014 / 70 mins. / Horror / Color / Not Rated / 16×9 / Region 0 / English SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio Commentary by Director Brett Kelly, Trailer Vault

Check out the trailer and let me know in the comments section what you think. I’m always down for a good exploitation flick!!

Stay Bloody!!!


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