Slasher Flick Beware Nominated for 3 WideScreen Film Festival Awards

Beware posterThe indie slash flick BEWARE has been tearing up the festival circuit and it sounds like the praise is well deserved. Even Anything Horror’s very own Deggsy, who reviewed the film back in 2011, enjoyed it. BEWARE is directed by Jason Daly, written by Daly and Shawn Copenhaver, and stars Adam Leadbeater, Lorena KingCecilia Huete, Vivi Pineda, Eddy Acosta, and Alex Livinalli. Recently BEWARE was nominated for three WideScreen Film Festival Awards. Check out the press release (which contains the plot crunch):

Slasher Film ‘Beware’ Nominated for 3 WideScreen Film Festival Awards

BEWARE Will Screen This Weekend 2/27 – 3/3 In Aventura, FL For The First Annual WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival. BEWARE Is Nominated For Editing, Sound Design and Cinematography.
West Palm Beach, FL (February 25, 2015) – Olympusat Entertainment’s horror-slasher independent film BEWARE has been officially selected for the first annual WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival, which runs this February 27 through March 3, 2015 at AMC 24 in Aventura, Miami, FL.Beware1BEWARE, which has been featured in nearly 20 film festivals and won 6 Best Feature Awards, has been nominated at the WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival for 3 categories: Editing (Jason Daly), Sound Design (Jason Daly) and Cinematography.Directed by Jason Daly from a script written by Shawn Copenhaver and Daly, BEWARE is a gritty gore-fest that follows five college kids who, while out for some thrills, stumble into an urban-legend nightmare when they roam into the realm of Shane — a boy twisted by torture into a bloodthirsty madman said to stalk the woods in search of new victims. BEWARE stars Adam Leadbeater, Alex Livinalli, Lorena King and Cecilia Huete, among others.

Full Synopsis:

The town of Shady Grove holds many dark secrets. Amongst those secrets is the sadistic tale of “Shane”, a boy who was tortured and chained to a tree as a youngster. Legend has it that for years he survived in the woods all alone until one day he managed to escape. Now, damaged and broken, he wanders those woods in search of blood, with his trademark chains fused to his wrists. Despite years of tales and urban myths, no proof of his existence has ever been discovered, until five unsuspecting teens reveal the truth on an ill-fated trip.
BEWARE is expected to be released later in 2015 – more updates coming soon.

Dig on the trailer and let me know what you think!!

Stay Bloody!!!


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