Ridley Scott to Produce New Alien Film with Neill Blomkamp Directing

This is both big and very exciting news. Twentieth Century Fox is moving forward on a new entry into the ALIEN franchise. Ridley Scott is attached to produce and Neill Blomkamp will be directing. The as-yet unnamed ALIEN project is separate from PROMETHEUS 2 but chronologically the story will be set after the PROMETHEUS 2 story. Ridley Scott is still attached to write and direct the next PROMETHEUS film.


PROMETHEUS, which was also distributed by Fox, was loosely based on the ALIEN franchise and even though it earned over $400mil worldwide it was met with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. Fox hopes Blomkamp, director ELYSIUM and DISTRICT 9, can take the franchise to the next level. Blomkamp confirmed that his next film would be part of the ALIEN franchise via his Instagram account.

I’m excited to get some new blood into the ALIEN franchise. But better yet I love that we’ll be getting both future ALIEN and PROMETHEUS films (yes, I was one of the few who took PROMETHEUS for what it was and really enjoyed it).

What do you think? In Blomkamp the right director for an ALIEN film?

Stay Bloody!!!

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