Derek Cole’s Darkman Teaser Trailer Drops


Here’s a quickie that’ll bring a smile to your face. Derek Cole, director of THE MUTILATION MAN (with his brother, Shane) and AN AMERICAN GHOST STORY, dropped me an email with his latest teaser trailer for DARKMAN. Last October you might remember that Derek sent me along his publicity trailer for THE BEST THERE EVER WAS, which is a planned prequel to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. It’s a pretty bad ass trailer, so I was excited when I saw I had something new from Derek Cole in my inbox. This time Cole takes on one of Sam Raimis best films and in less than a minute and a half manages to capture the atmosphere and tone of DARKMAN perfectly. Check it out:

Not bad for one’s night worth of work. From the first time I watched THE MUTILATION MAN I became a huge fan Derek Cole. This man’s got a lot of talent and a helluva eye. If you think all indie filmmakers are all about “found footage” than you need to check out Coles films.

Let me know what you think.

Stay Bloody!!!

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  1. […] EVER WAS that these two have worked on together. I also covered their trailer for a remake of DARKMAN. What Cole and Twardokus accomplish with such micro budgets is beyond impressive. You in fact […]


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