Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008)

Why in the hell did the powers that be decide to make another FEAST flick three years after the original, especially when the first FEAST had a budget of $3.2 million and grossed only $54,556 in the USA?  Now I’m not a big Hollywood studio accountant and I’m certainly no math genius, but to me those numbers translate to “huge flop”.  FEAST did rebound a little in rentals and DVD sales and I’m guessing that was reason enough to make another one.  Whatever the reason and whoever gave FEAST II: SLOPPY SECONDS the greenlight … I wanna give them a huge kiss.  Besides FEAST 2 being the best of the FEAST trilogy, it’s also one of the most fun, over-the-top, gory, disgusting flicks you’ll ever see.  Seriously!!

FEAST 2 picks up seconds after part one ends — in the parking lot watching Bozo, Hot Wheels, and Heroine peeling out of the bar’s parking lot as they try to get as much distance between themselves and the creatures.  Bartender, Clu Gulager, is back (wait a minute; didn’t he die in the first one?) and is confronted with Biker Queen (played by Diane Ayala Goldner, who played Harley Mom, who died, in part one).  Biker Queen wants to find out what happened to Harley Mom and beats on Bartender for the truth.  The truth takes them to a nearby, isolated sleepy town to look for the people responsible.  Meanwhile Honey Pie (again played by Jenny Wade), who abandoned the group in the original, has managed to walk to the same sleepy town.  When they all get there they see that the town is already dead, literally … the creatures have torn through the town and slaughtered everyone they could get their claws and teeth on.

This little fella isn’t having such a good day!!

But there’s so much more going on here!!  We’re introduced to a list of new and even more bizarre characters (and yes; they utilize the same freeze frame, character score cards on screen as we meet them).  Biker Queen brought along the rest of her sister gang members, Splat Girl, Tot Girl, Tat Girl, and Tit Girl (Cassie Shea Watson, Katie Supple Callais, Chelsea Richards, and Melissa Reed respectively); there’s 2 midget wrestling brothers Thunder (Martin Klebba) and Lightning (Juan Longoria Garcia); there’s Hobo (William Prael) who shits himself a lot; Short Bus Gus (Josh Blue) who seems to be a prophet; used car salesman Slasher (Carl Anthony Payne), opportunist Secrets (Hanna Putnam), and Swank (Tom Gulager), who considers himself a hero and do-gooder (these last three are also involved in a complicated love triangle).   And these are just the main characters.  We get introduced to a plethora of secondary characters, each more bizarre than the one before (wait until you meet Puker!!).  Writers Dunstan and Melton have really outdone themselves by coming up with such great and memorable characters.  But more than just a fun cast the writers put them in some really fucked up situations.

The cast with the REAL star … the catapult!!

We also get to see a lot more of the creatures in FEAST 2.  Not only is there waaaay more creature-related violence, but we get to see the actual creatures themselves a lot.  The design of the creatures changed from the first one; they’ve become leaner, sleeker-built, and have more teeth and claws.  If you recall in my review of FEAST, the main problem I had was with the very choppy and extremely fast editing whenever the creatures were on screen.  Well that problem has been fixed.  The editing is still quick, but the camera also lingers on the violence — both when it’s happening and the aftermath.  Let me be blunt; this is an extremely gory and violent flick that never lets up on the action and is so fast-paced you’ll be going back to re-watch the gory scenes, not believing you saw what you just saw.  This fast pace also makes the lack of a solid plot bearable.  Dunstan and Melton look at the blood, gore, and carnage they did in the original and laugh in it’s face.  FEAST 2 offers men beating the shit out of women, an autopsy of a creature that’s possibly the juiciest autopsy ever caught on film, a woman who gets puked on by a creature and who slowly dissolves (this time we see it in very juicy details), a midget catapult (that has to be seen to be believed), led pipe lobotomy, and a man who literally throws an infant to the creatures just to save himself (which prompts Bartender to say, “Wow that’s bad even for this group”).

You don’t wanna know what he just threw over his shoulders … trust me!!

There’s so much going on here and somehow the filmmakers even manage to give us a little originality.  The creatures’ physiology are pretty unique and we definitely don’t get the same old standard cookie-cutter characters.  Just like with the first film, FEAST 2 gives us a pretty gigantic slice of humanity at its worst.  But you have to keep in mind that the writers and director didn’t make this film as some kind of allegory or metaphor for modern life.  This film was made to entertain you, gross you out, and make you say “I can’t believe they just did that” at least a dozen times.  FEAST 2 is the epitome of a “buddies and beer” b-flick.  If you can just sit back, turn off your brain, and enjoy a gory, gross-out flick then FEAST II: SLOPPY SECONDS is the film for you.  Its’ energy, fast pace, and great characters will make you keep watching it, but all the toilet humor, gratuitous nudity, violence, and gore will have you re-watching it.  I really had a great time with this one and can’t recommend it enough!!

My Summary:

Director:  John Gulager

Plot:  4.5 out of 5 stars

Gore:  9 out of 10 skulls

Zombie Mayhem:  0 out of 5 brains

Reviewed by Scott Shoyer

9 Responses to “Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008)”
  1. HorrorWhore says:

    Looove ur review! Can’t wait to see ths movie… “Feast” has been one of my favs to show during a movienite (always loved) and the sequel sounds even crazier! I love a good monster movie…


    • Thanks HorrorWhore … if you enjoyed FEAST then you’ll love FEAST 2!! Watch all 3 back-to-back; they all work together and each new film picks up seconds after the preceding one. Love to know what you think of FEAST 2 after you see it!!


  2. Buzz says:

    What can I say….? Long week + heavy night out = day in bed. Day in bed + your great review = well why the hell not? It is better than then first one but I’ll start with the bad though. It has major problems with choppy editing, even worse than the first one and it’s not even when the monsters are attacking any more but a lot of time. The night time shots are almost impossible to make out anything that’s going on going on in. Also some of the stuff that the group does really dosn’t make any sense, like throwing that injured biker chick off the roof for a sacrifice. For a start it seemed to serve no purpose, also why didn’t they take her cloths if they needed them, why didn’t they take her gun and most importantly why didn’t they throw off Greg who was universally despised by almost everyone. Just seems to me that Biker Queen would have been more protective over her members, even the injured ones. This being said group dynamic in this film worked a lot better than in the last one. They contrast and highlight each other’s characters traits quite well and there is also some (admittedly not a much) good character development here. We’ve also got Slasher, who is pure 100% awesome. It’s always good to have a character to root for (which was something I thought was lacking from the first film) and this movie gives us a really great character to do just that with. I was a bit disappointed that half way through, the film just seems to forget about him but he does come back in full force near the end with the catapult idea, which is just fucking epic! Speaking of the ending, it’s really abrupt. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first but on reflection I do think I like it. Overall still not a classic but better than the first one (and I still thought the first one was okish), so it was fun enough to peek my interest in the third. I look forward to your review 🙂


    • Ya know I love ya Buzz but you’re over-thinking the FEAST films waaaaay too much!! There’s no reason any of the characters do anything. I’m thinking the writers thought “as long as everyone’s actions lead to more gore and offensive shit, then we’ll have them do it.” The entire FEAST trilogy is a “switch your brain off” series. 🙂


  3. Deggsy says:

    Loved the review, Scott. And I go mental for creature flicks, with guys in rubber suits, even if they’re crap, they make a change from bad CGI 🙂 It;s been ages since I’ve seen it, I’ll have to keep an eye out for another copy…


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