House of Afflictions Gets February 2016 Release

Looking for a 1970s haunted house throwback? HOUSE OF AFFLICTIONS might just be exactly what you have been looking for. The film is written and directed by Anthony M. Winson and stars Michelle Darkin Price, Stefan Boehm, Penelope Butler, Lindsey Parr, and Simon Crudgington. Check out the press release, trailer, and plot crunch below for more information: Wild Eye Unlocks the House of … Continue reading

The Last House Coming to DVD & VOD This November

Wild Eye Releasing has announced that THE LAST HOUSE will be hitting shelves and various digital platforms on November 24, 2015. THE LAST HOUSE is directed by Sean Cain, is written by Wes Laurie, and stars Joanna Angel, Ezra Buzzington, Jack Forcinito, Ricardo Gray, Jason Mewes, and Felissa Rose. Check out the press release: Wild Eye Releasing Invites You To The Last House November 24th … Continue reading

Queen Crab Skitters to DVD

Heat up the butter and go get an extra large bib, because QUEEN CRAB is coming from Wild Eye Releasing!! QUEEN CRAB is written and directed by Brett Piper–the man behind such classics as A NYMPHOID BARBARIAN IN DINOSAUR HELL, SHOCK-O-RAMA, and BACTERIUM–and stars Michelle Simone Miller, Kathryn Metz, Rich Lounello, A.J. DeLucia, Steve Diasparra, Danielle Donahue, and Ken Van Sant. Check out … Continue reading

A Plague so Pleasant Coming to DVD

The upcoming zombie flick, A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT, will be hitting DVD via Wild Eye Releasing on September 29, 2015 and promises to offer viewers something new. A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT is directed by Benjamin Roberds and Jordan Reyes and stars Eva Boehnke, David Chandler, and Maxwell Moody. Check out the press release, which contain the plot crunch: Critical Hit A Plague … Continue reading

Adrienne King Makes Rare Appearance in All American Bully, Gets Release Date

FRIDAY THE 13TH final girl, Adrienne King, makes a rare appearance in the upcoming horror-thriller, ALL AMERICAN BULLY. ALL AMERICAN BULLY is written and directed by Jason Hawkins and in addition to King, stars Daren Ackerman, Alexander Fraser, Alicia Rose, Dara Davey, Patrick Ford, and Darren Hicks. ALL AMERICAN BULLY is slated for June 23, 2015 release when it will be available on … Continue reading