Anything Horror Scott & Deggsy’s Favorite Found Footage Films

Reflecting on my Best Horror Films of 2014 list I realized I had three found footage films make the cut. In the past I’ve been known to bash the occasional found footage flick as being gimmicky and extremely amateurish. So what made those particular three films stand out? Well for one, they weren’t gimmicky at … Continue reading

Trollhunter Director to Make His 1st English-Language Film

I’m assuming (and hoping) by now you’ve all caught the 2010 fantasy-horror “mockumentary”, TROLLHUNTER.  If not, you really need to stop what you’re doing, buy this film, and watch it several times.  You’ll thank me.  TROLLHUNTER is written and directed by Norwegian André Øvredal and although the film wasn’t a financial success, it became a cult … Continue reading

Trollhunter Director to Take on a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom

This just makes perfect sense to me. Filmmaker André Øvredal, director of one of the best genre releases in a long time, TROLLHUNTER, is next gonna take on a soccer mom and her quest to hunt down demons for 1492 Pictures. Øvredal will be directing the screen adaptation of the novel, CARPE DEMON: THE ADVENTURES … Continue reading

Trollhunter Finally Hitting Blu-ray in the U.K … Hooray!!

If not for the date of when it was made, the Norwegian creature flick TROLLHUNTER would have easily occupied the #1 position in my Best Horror Films of 2011 list (see my list here).  And now, faithful U.K readers, you can buy this very kick ass film to add to your collection.  TROLLHUNTER is directed … Continue reading

Trollhunter (2010)

I haven’t had this much fun watching a movie in a really long time as I had with THE TROLL HUNTER.  This Norwegian film takes the familiar set-up of the “found footage” genre and really does it right.  We may not get a genre-defining film here but we get a hugely entertaining mock-doc filled with … Continue reading