Blood Hunters (2016) … Death is in the Genes!!

Blood Hunters is a film I’ve been looking forward to for about a year now. So, when I got the opportunity to get a screener, I jumped all over it. This is an indie horror flick by an extremely talented indie horror filmmaker, and the description gave away just enough info to really grab your … Continue reading

Tricia Lee’s Blood Hunters Lands Release Date This July

I’ve been patiently waiting for the release of Blood Hunters for what seems like an eternity. Blood Hunters is the third feature film from filmmaker Tricia Lee — one of the most exciting new voices working in the horror genre today. Her previous films Silent Retreat (2013) and Clean Break (2014) solidified Lee as a force … Continue reading

Principal Photography Has Begun on Tricia Lee’s Newest, One Drop

This is the kind of news I love to wake up to and see in my email inbox!! The extremely talented Tricia Lee has begin principal photography on her third feature, ONE DROP. Lee is a visionary filmmaker both visually and in her storytelling. She has over half a dozen short films under her belt and … Continue reading

Tricia Lee Announces Her Next Film, One Drop

We’re in full swing in Woman in Horror month and what better than to talk about Tricia Lee!! Lee is one of the hardest working women in filmmaking, having ten directorial projects under her belt including 2013’s SILENT RETREAT, which she also wrote, and 2014’s CLEAN BREAK. Her new film, ONE DROP, is slated for a … Continue reading

Horror Filmmaker Tricia Lee Announces Next Project, One Drop

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times:  The horror genre needs more female directors.  I’m looking for horror films that have a uniquely feminine perspective.  I wanna see the traditional horror plots like a slasher in the woods, the haunted house, and the zombie film from a female perspective.  It looks … Continue reading