Anything Horror Scott’s 15 Best Horror Films of 2015

I have been so excited to write my Best Horror Films of 2015 list this year!! I usually struggle to find eight films that I love (my lists are usually ten items long), but this year I increased my list to fifteen because I saw so many great ones in 2015. Due to a pesky, intruding personal … Continue reading

The Final Girls (2015)

THE FINAL GIRLS is one of those films that was getting a lot of buzz even before the trailer was released. I didn’t see the trailer until I saw THE VISIT, and I must say I was excited. The film looked funny, scary, has a great cast, and promised to be a huge wink and … Continue reading

New Line to Make the Horror-Comedy Final Girls

It looks like 2012 is gearing up to be the “Year of the Horror-Comedy,” and New Line is following the trend with FINAL GIRLS. How’s this for a combination: Think BACK TO THE FUTURE meets FRIDAY THE 13th!! Okay. According to Variety, A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR CHRISTMAS 3D director Todd Strauss-Schulson will be directing … Continue reading