The Wicked Within (2015)

Of all the films in this year’s 8 Films to Die For lineup, THE WICKED WITHIN is perhaps the most unique. The film, directed by Jay Alaimo and written by Stephen Wallis, takes elements of your typical possession movie and infuses elements of a police procedural as well as a mystery-thriller into the mix. The film is about a … Continue reading

8 Films To Die For Announces the 4th & 5th Films in its Lineup!!

The news keeps coming for the upcoming After Dark, 8 Films to Die For festival!! We already know that the first three films in the festival are RE-KILL, MURDER IN THE DARK, and THE WICKED WITHIN. The fourth film, LUMBERJACK MAN, and the fifth film, SUSPENSION, has just been announced. LUMBERJACK MAN is directed by Josh Bear, is … Continue reading

Another Film, The Wicked Within, Joins the 8 Films to Die For Line Up

When you include the previous two announcements for the upcoming 8 Films to Die For festival (here and here), After Dark is going full throttle on not just promoting this, but in organizing it. The newest addition, making this the third film in the line up, is THE WICKED WITHIN. This film is directed by Jay Alaimo, … Continue reading