Iconic Horror Scenes: From Alien to Re-Animator to Carrie

There’s no denying that over the decades, horror films have worked their way into the collective conscious. Besides a hockey mask, fangs, and long, stringy black hair, there are tons of iconic horror scenes out there. Some films have become so popular that just mentioning the title of the film in a room full of people … Continue reading


The Mile High Horror Film Festival has, over the last few years, proven to be the film festival to attend. Every year their lineup of films and guests get more and more impressive, and this year’s festival is no exception. The Mile High Horror Film Festival, which takes place on October 1-4, 2015 at the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton, … Continue reading

Doctor Sleep (2013)

I have mixed feelings for Mr. King. The first adult book I ever read was TOMMYKNOCKERS, and like a lot of people, I thought he was the bomb when I first came across him. But, eventually, and I am guessing you may just sense a bit of a negative tone here, but eventually I noticed … Continue reading

Stephen King’s Thoughts on The Shining Prequel

It must be hard for an author, who puts his or her soul into a novel, to see it picked apart, changed, and butt-fucked in order to make it more “filmmable.”  I feel for Stephen King because in the past we’ve gotten some pretty shitty TV and movie versions of some of his works.  King … Continue reading

The Walking Dead’s Glen Mazzara to Write The Shining Prequel

You read that right.  The man responsible for running the show of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD the last few seasons is gong to write the prequel to Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film, THE SHINING.  Now keep in mind that this isn’t a prequel to the Stephen King novel of the same name; it’s a prequel to … Continue reading