Iconic Horror Scenes: From Alien to Re-Animator to Carrie

There’s no denying that over the decades, horror films have worked their way into the collective conscious. Besides a hockey mask, fangs, and long, stringy black hair, there are tons of iconic horror scenes out there. Some films have become so popular that just mentioning the title of the film in a room full of people … Continue reading

Destination America to Air Live Exorcism of Famed Exorcist House

You might be wondering why a channel supposedly dedicated to featuring lifestyle, historical, and travel programming focusing on the culture of the US is airing a live exorcism, and I have the answer for you. Ratings. Come on, don’t look so surprised!! According to Deadline.com, Destination America earlier today announced that they would broadcast the first … Continue reading

Remember that Exorcist TV Series? Someone May Have Spoken Too Soon!!

A few days ago the news broken that Sean Durkin, writer-director of last year’s MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE, was adapting THE EXORCIST into a ten-episode television miniseries, backed by Morgan Creek, that would chart the effects that demonic possession had on the film’s original family (see my article here).  Well if you ask THE EXORCIST’s creator, William Peter Blatty, he says it’s … Continue reading

Get Ready for The Exorcist … TV Show!!

Huge thanks to my buddy, and frequent reader of AnythingHorror.com, Steve Spatucci for turning me on to this news item!! —– What could be worse than a theatrical remake of one of the scariest and best horror films ever made, THE EXORCIST? How about it being adapted into a TV series? Now if that don’t … Continue reading