Iconic Horror Scenes: From Alien to Re-Animator to Carrie

There’s no denying that over the decades, horror films have worked their way into the collective conscious. Besides a hockey mask, fangs, and long, stringy black hair, there are tons of iconic horror scenes out there. Some films have become so popular that just mentioning the title of the film in a room full of people … Continue reading

Anything Horror Scott & Deggsy’s Favorite Found Footage Films

Reflecting on my Best Horror Films of 2014 list I realized I had three found footage films make the cut. In the past I’ve been known to bash the occasional found footage flick as being gimmicky and extremely amateurish. So what made those particular three films stand out? Well for one, they weren’t gimmicky at … Continue reading

Horror Filmmaker Eduardo Sánchez Talks Lovely Molly, his Bigfoot Film, & Making a … Comedy??

In a recent interview with collider.com, horror filmmaker  talks in-depth about his upcoming possession flick, LOVELY MOLLY, his Bigfoot film, the current state of found footage films, and the possibility of making a comedy(?!!??).  We all know Sánchez best as half the team behind THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, but he’s also the writer-director of the excellent 2006 … Continue reading