Area 51 (2015)

In 2007, writer-director Oren Peli changed the face of modern horror filmmaking with the film, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. The first film blew audiences away with it’s minimalist production values and decent, genuine scares. I enjoyed the first film and looked forward to see what Peli had up his sleeve next. Well… not much. Peli was a … Continue reading

Anything Horror Scott & Deggsy’s Favorite Found Footage Films

Reflecting on my Best Horror Films of 2014 list I realized I had three found footage films make the cut. In the past I’ve been known to bash the occasional found footage flick as being gimmicky and extremely amateurish. So what made those particular three films stand out? Well for one, they weren’t gimmicky at … Continue reading

Anything Horror Scott’s 10 Best Horror Films of 2012

In case you haven’t noticed, there haven’t been too many new reviews up on Anything Horror in the last week. There’s a good reason for this. In putting together my list of the 10 best horror films of 2012 I wanted to rank them from number one all the wat to number 10. But I … Continue reading

The Bay (2012)

Here’s something I haven’t done in a really long time (at least it feels like a really long time).  I’m about to write a glowing review for a genre film, THE BAY, that is truly a fantastic movie.  From the first frame I was captivated by the characters and the story that unfolded and even … Continue reading

New Images for The Bay Drop … Isopods are Real!!

Barry Levinson’s THE BAY has been getting some fantastic early reviews.  Critics have been describing it as creepy and scary.  Imagine that … a genre film that’s actually scary (I guess I’m not important enough for an early screener 🙂 )!!  From all the early press there’s one thing for sure … I’m really looking … Continue reading