The Minions (2014) & Berenice (2014)

Here’s two more shorts, both directed by fav Jeremiah Kipp, that I recently watched. Kipp has become a filmmaker I greatly respect. He dares take on material that sometimes straddles the horror genre and Kipp has a way of documenting the beauty that lies in the horrifying. The first short film, THE MINIONS, does … Continue reading

Gallery of Fear Finally Lands Distribution & a Release Date

Back in early February 2012 I reviewed an indie horror anthology titled GALLERY OF FEAR (my review).  Well in my opinion way too much time has passed without it getting out there to the horror community.  But later is definitely better than never, and now GALLERY OF FEAR has landed both a new distributor and … Continue reading

Exclusive Look at the Upcoming “Tales of Poe” Anthology from Bart Mastronardi & Alan Rowe Kelly

You know I love the indie horror scene, and filmmakers Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly are two of the most exciting filmmakers out there.  They work with very modest budgets but somehow manage to present very slick and professional looking films.  Mastronardi’s debut film was VINDICATION (my review here).  After I saw VINDICATION I … Continue reading