Cell (2016)

Forty years ago, the first adaptation of a Stephen King work, CARRIE, was released. Since then, we’ve had dozens of adaptations, and as sure as night follows day, they can’t be all good, though some have turned out good despite being poor adaptations of his novels or short stories (admittedly, I’m going on second-hand knowledge … Continue reading

Cujo Remake News: New Title & Cast Announced

Next up in the unnecessary remake category comes a remake of everyone’s favorite, cuddly dog, CUJO. The original 1983 film was based in the novel of the same name by horror master, Stephen King and is about a friendly St. Bernard who gets rabies and proceeds to terrorize and entire small town. The remake, though, … Continue reading

Director Narrowed Down for King’s The Dark Tower

  Looks like we’re one step closer to getting a DARK TOWER film. Nikolaj Arcel, who wrote the screenplay for the original GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATOO, seems to be the front runner. According to Deadline.com: [T]alks will begin shortly toward a deal that will have [Nikolaj Arcel] overseeing a rewrite [of the current script] and … Continue reading

New Production of ‘It’ Runs into Troubles

A few months ago, David Lynch announced we was leaving the upcoming TWIN PEAKS project. The main problem, he cited, was the budget. He just didn’t think he could’ve done the series justice with the budget he was given. Lucky for us TWIN PEAKS fans, Lynch has since returned, but it looks like budget problems … Continue reading

Sony & MRC Team Up On Stephen King’s The Dark Tower

I’m certainly glad to be writing about a film version of what is arguably Stephen King’s seminal work, THE DARK TOWER. THE DARK TOWER is a series of eight novels King wrote about a gunslinger, Roland Deschain, as he goes on a journey to find the Dark Tower. Talk of an adaptation of THE DARK … Continue reading