Kurt Russell Horror-Western Bone Tomahawk Set to Headline 2015 Fantastic Fest

There’s so many awesome things happening in the above headline!! Firstly, Kurt Russell is returning to the genre; secondly, Russell is starring in a horror film; thirdly, the film, BONE TOMAHAWK, is getting mad buzz and great word of mouth. BONE TOMAHAWK is written and directed by S. Craig Zahler and in addition to Russell stars an … Continue reading

Jug Face (2013)

Every once in a while a film manages to surprise me and goes way beyond my expectations. JUG FACE is one of those films. When I came across this film on Netflix, the artwork, the title, and even the description of the film didn’t do much for me. But since it is summertime and I had nothing … Continue reading


Two years ago around the Halloween season fans were lucky enough to get TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, a five CD collection of audio horror stories written and performed by some pretty well known genre talent.  Now that the Halloween 2013 season is upon I’m happy to announce that a second volume of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE … Continue reading

Are You Ready for Tales from the Pale Season 2 … Live??

It’s the little things in life that make me happy.  I was absolutely ecstatic when I opened my email this morning and found this press release sitting in my in box!!  Glass Eye Pix is releasing the horror audio drama, TALES FROM THE PALE SEASON 2.  Back in 2011 I reviewed the first collection of … Continue reading

Sean Young Wants You to Boycott the Blade Runner Sequel if She’s Not Asked to be in it

Sequel, prequel, remake, reboot, re-imaging … who the fuck knows what’s in store for the in-the-works BLADE RUNNER film.  Forget about ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER is, I believe, the defining film of Ridley Scott’s career.  Have you seen it lately?  It holds up remarkably well considering it was made in 1982 (something I believe ALIEN doesn’t … Continue reading