Scream Machine Lands Distribution & Release Date

The horror anthology, SCREAM MACHINE, has landed a distributor and will be available in Fall 2015. SCREAM MACHINE is directed by indie horror filmmaker Scarlet Fry and is written by Fry and Paul C. Hemmes. The anthology, made up of five stories, stars Tara Carlton, Brian Carr, Ramon Castillo, Brutus Carr, Tracy Ellegard, Scarlet Fry, Stephen Kessen, and is introduced by Mr. Indie Horror … Continue reading

Scream Machine (2015)

The anthology horror films keep coming, and today we have SCREAM MACHINE, an anthology of five segments directed by Scarlet Fry and written by Fry and Paul C. Hemmes. This isn’t the first anthology made by Fry that I’ve reviewed. Fry also made DEATH BY VHS (which was originally titled SCREAM MACHINE) and NIGHTMARE ALLEY. … Continue reading

Horror Anthology Scream Machine Drops New Poster & Trailer

The upcoming horror anthology SCREAM MACHINE has recently dropped a new poster and it certainly captures the spirit of the good old grindhouse films of yesteryear. SCREAM MACHINE is directed by Scarlet Fry, written by Fry and Paul C. Hemmes, and stars Lloyd Kaufman, Sandra E Williams, David C. Hayes, Josiah Spargo, Randy Robinson, Stephen Kessen, A.J. Nada, and Scarlet Fry. Check out the press … Continue reading