Ring 3 Prequel, Rings, Drops Release Date

I wrote it many times before and I’ll write it again. The 2002 American remake, THE RING, was better than the original 1998 Japanese film, RINGU. I enjoyed both films but thought the remake was better in every way. After the disastrous 2005 sequel, THE RING TWO, which we won’t talk about (blech!!), now we’re … Continue reading

Full Trailer Drops for the Latest in the Ringu Franchise, Sadako 3D

Just when you thought it was safe to watch grainy, stream-of-consciousness VHS tapes, along comes SADAKO 3D!!  SADAKO 3D is the latest in RINGU franchise and this one’s coming to us courtesy of director Tsutomu Hanabusa and writers Kôji Suzuki, and Yoshinobu Fujioka. I think the image of Sadako, with her long, stringy, jet-black hair, … Continue reading