My Favorite Horror Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day

It is that time of the year again when grocery stores and corner drug stores fill their shelves with heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, cheap roses, and over-sized bears and unicorns. But for us single, diehard horror fans, the promise of sweets and cotton-stuffed animals means nothing. I still want horror films!! Valentine’s Day, though, is … Continue reading

Iconic Horror Scenes: From Alien to Re-Animator to Carrie

There’s no denying that over the decades, horror films have worked their way into the collective conscious. Besides a hockey mask, fangs, and long, stringy black hair, there are tons of iconic horror scenes out there. Some films have become so popular that just mentioning the title of the film in a room full of people … Continue reading

Your Top 5 Horror Movies & Sub-Genres of All Time

I think by now it is clear what some of my favorite horror movies are. The original DAWN OF THE DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2, MARTYRS, RE-ANIMATOR, and CANNIBAL FEROX definitely preoccupy my thoughts, and are the classics that I always go back to whenever I need to watch a classic horror film. I’m also a … Continue reading

Re-Animator Gets Blu-rayed This September!!

This is the kind of shit I love to report about!!  One of the genre’s all time best films, RE-ANIMATORis getting a Blu-ray facelift this September from Image Entertainment.  Once you see this gory 1985 masterpiece you’ll never look at horror films in the same way.  Director Stuart Gordon makes it seem all so easy:  he … Continue reading