Anything Horror Scott’s 15 Best Horror Films of 2015

I have been so excited to write my Best Horror Films of 2015 list this year!! I usually struggle to find eight films that I love (my lists are usually ten items long), but this year I increased my list to fifteen because I saw so many great ones in 2015. Due to a pesky, intruding personal … Continue reading

6th Film Announced for the Upcoming After Dark 8 Films to Die For Festival

The sixth film in the After Dark, 8 Films to Die For festival has been announced and it is just the film this festival needed. So far we have a zombie flick (RE-KILL), three slasher flicks (MURDER IN THE DARK, LUMBERJACK MAN, and SUSPENSION), and a possession movie (A WICKED WITHIN). What’s missing from this … Continue reading

The Lazarus Effect Drops on DVD & Blu-ray This June

I was expecting THE LAZARUS EFFECT to have a better theatrical run than it did. It was out of theaters before I even got a chance to check it out!! But 20th Century Fox has announced that THE LAZARUS EFFECT is coming to DVD, Blu-ray, and digital platforms this June. THE LAZARUS EFFECT is directed by David Gelb, … Continue reading

Digging Up the Marrow (2014)

At one stage during DIGGING UP THE MARROW, while showing some colleagues recordings of an alleged monster sighting, Adam Green responds to the criticism of it being “just another Found Footage Movie” by defensively proclaiming, “It’s not Found Footage, it’s just… Footage.” It’s one of the wittier self-referential bits that made this an enjoyable watch. … Continue reading


My review of filmmaker Ricky Bates’ first movie, EXCISION, was one of my earliest, and looking back at it, I found myself wondering two things: 1) why didn’t Scott kick me out of Anythinghorror for my verbosity and pomposity? and 2) I wonder what Ricky Bates has come up with to follow this? Well, the … Continue reading