Debbie Rochon’s As Night Falls Gets a DVD Release Date

Scream Queen Debbie Rochon’s flick, AS NIGHT FALLS, has announced it’s DVD release.  AS NIGHT FALLS is written and directed by Joe Davison and stars Rochon, Deneen Melody, Lily Cardone, Grace Chapman, Raine Brown, Jeremy King, and Joe Davison.  Check out the press release below, which contains the plot crunch, and the official trailer: Scream Queen Debbie Rochon Rises … Continue reading

Gallery of Fear Finally Lands Distribution & a Release Date

Back in early February 2012 I reviewed an indie horror anthology titled GALLERY OF FEAR (my review).  Well in my opinion way too much time has passed without it getting out there to the horror community.  But later is definitely better than never, and now GALLERY OF FEAR has landed both a new distributor and … Continue reading

“In Fear Of” Web Series Lands for All Us to See … & I Got ‘Em Right Here!!

Indie filmmaker extraordinaire, Jeremiah Kipp, just emailed me to update me on a recent project he just completed.  He directed some episodes in a web-based series titled IN FEAR OF.  But best of all Kipp sent me the links to all the webisodes so you can check them all out right now (I made it … Continue reading

Psycho Street (2011)

Is it just me or does the theme to SESAME STREET flash through your head when you read the title of this film? Can ya tell me how to get How to get to Psycho Street PSYCHO STREET is a horror anthology I’ve been waiting to see for a long time now. This film is … Continue reading

Psycho Street Horror Anthology Gets a Trailer & Release Date

In mid-July I watched and reviewed what is possibly the best short I saw all year (it’s definitely among the top 3), LEWIS, by Anthony Sumner. I mentioned in that review (click here) that LEWIS would be part of the PSYCHO STREET horror anthology and that I’d tell you when it becomes available. Well I’m … Continue reading