Anything Horror Scott & Deggsy’s Favorite Found Footage Films

Reflecting on my Best Horror Films of 2014 list I realized I had three found footage films make the cut. In the past I’ve been known to bash the occasional found footage flick as being gimmicky and extremely amateurish. So what made those particular three films stand out? Well for one, they weren’t gimmicky at … Continue reading

Bryan Singer to Take the Lead in Rebooting The Twilight Zone for CBS

Now that’s the kind of headline I love to read!!  A talented writer-director, Bryan Singer, who let’s be honest hasn’t had a spotless record but who does continue to crank out some great projects, is spearheading for CBS a reboot of the classic TV series, TWILIGHT ZONE.  I’ve loved every single incarnation of THE TWILIGHT … Continue reading

Matt Reeves to Bring The Twilight Zone Back to the Big Screen

In 1983, genre fans were blessed with a movie version of THE TWILIGHT ZONE.  This was an anthology film that had four different directors directing the four different segments/stories in the film.  I’m sorry; did I just casually say ‘directors’?  I meant to say four powerhouse directors:  Joe Dante, John Landis, George Miller, and Steven … Continue reading