New Still Drops for Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers

Writer-director Kevin Smith is at it again. If you thought Smith’s mind couldn’t get any weirder than one man turning another man into a walrus well you better think again (and sit down). Smith’s follow up to TUSK, and what he’s calling his True North Trilogy, is YOGA HOSERS. The cast is full of well-known … Continue reading

Anything Horror Scott’s 10 Best Horror Films of 2014

Now that we got that unpleasantness of the Worst of 2014 list out the way we can focus on some of the films that made 2014 a great year for horror. I view 2014 as a kind of turning point from previous years. Surprisingly we didn’t get as many remakes, sequels, or 3D horror offerings as … Continue reading

Tusk (2014), Come Back to Me (2014), Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)

I just watched these three films a few days ago and wanted to make sure I got their reviews posted in 2014. TUSK was a film a heard a lot of buzz about but didn’t read any reviews. I didn’t want to know anything about it past the basic premise. I didn’t know or hear … Continue reading

More Casting News for Stephen King & Tom Holland’s Ten O’Clock People

The Stephen King short story TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE, from the NIGHTMARES AND DREAMSCAPES collection, was already announced to be getting the big screen adaption. Horror legend Tom Holland (director of the original FRIGHT NIGHT, CHILD’S PLAY, and King’s THINNER and LANGOLIERS) is set to direct. Now according to The Hollywood Reporter, some casting news is … Continue reading

Tom Holland Takes on King’s The Ten O’Clock People

Tom Holland, the iconic horror director of CHILD’S PLAY and the original FRIGHT NIGHT, is no stranger to adapting and taking on Stephen King projects. He took on THE LANGOLIERS (on the small screen) and THINNER (on the big screen) and is now taking on another King short story, THE TEN O’CLOCK PEOPLE, from King’s … Continue reading