The Evangelist Preys His Way onto Digital Formats

The Evangelist is coming this May 9, 2017, and it is promising to make us all drop to our knees. The film is directed by Joseph Pepitone, written by Pepitone and Keith Collins, and stars Collins, Doug Bollinger, Samantha Artese, Michael Billy, Billy Sample, Gervase Peterson, and Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal. Check out the press release below: THE EVANGELIST TO BE RELEASED … Continue reading

Official Trailer Drops for Clean Cut

The upcoming film, CLEAN CUT, sounds like it is going to be a pretty fun and crazy film. With the tagline, “The straightest people can be the most twisted,” I’m liking where this is going. Directed by Joseph Pepitone and written by Keith Collins, Billy Pepitone, and Joseph Pepitone, the film revolves around the long-term affects a trauma has on … Continue reading

Serial Killer Flick Clean Cut Lands a Cast

The upcoming serial killer film, CLEAN CUT, has recently landed a cast. The film is directed by Joseph Pepitone, is written by Joseph Pepitone, Keith Collins, and Billy Pepitone, and stars Gervase Peterson, Keith Collins, Michael Billy, Doug Bollinger, Billy Sample, Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, and Serena Pallottini. Dig on the press release which also contains the plot crunch: KEITH COLLINS — DOUG BOLLINGER — SAMANTHA ARTESE … Continue reading

Gravedigger Currently Filming & Aiming to Chill You to the Grave

Just got this new horror film news.  The film is GRAVEDIGGER and it’s written by Joseph Pepitone and Billy Pepitone, directed by Doug Bollinger, and stars Keith Collins, Brandon Ruckdashel, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Gregg Valentino, Gary Garver, Brian McRae, and April Hunter.  Check out the press release: **********************FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE****************** Monday January 14th 2013 NY, NY Horror / Thriller “GRAVEDIGGER” Have … Continue reading

Are You Ready for The Meat Puppet?

THE MEAT PUPPET is an upcoming indie horror flick directed by Joe Valenti, written by Joseph Pepitone & Billy Pepitone, and stars Keith Collins, Greg Valentino, Brandon Ruckdashel, and Gary Garver. Check out the press release: **********************FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE****************** Monday June 25, 2012 NY, NY Horror / Thriller “THE MEAT PUPPET” (1. meat puppet; (noun) … Continue reading