Anything Horror Scott’s Favorite Ass-Kicking Females

The days of the timid, “I’m-too-scared-to-do-anything” female characters in horror films is over. There’s nothing I hate more than when a filmmaker writes a female role in which she’s only there to either be saved by a male character or to die. We all know women are tougher and stronger than that. I’ve seen plenty … Continue reading

My Favorite Crazy Mothers in Films

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and what better way to celebrate this day than sitting down and watching some great crazy mom-themed horror films? Below is my list of the bat-shit craziest bunch of mom’s you’ll ever meet. Who are your favorite crazy mom’s from film? Who did I miss? Note that this list is in … Continue reading

Are You Ready for The Asylum’s Air Collision?

The Asylum is good for one of two things: either giant creatures fucking shit up, or natural disaster flicks. Their latest, AIR COLLISION, falls into the later category. AIR COLLISION is written and directed by Liz Adams and stars Reginald VelJohnson, Jordan Ladd, and Gerald Webb. Here’s the press release: Disaster looms in the Asylum’s … Continue reading