Anything Horror Scott’s Best Horror Shorts of 2014

I did the best, I did the worst, and now it’s time for the shorts!! Below is my list of the best shorts I’ve seen in 2014. As always I don’t limit the list to the year we’re currently in. I do this because short films are largely made by independent filmmakers and usually take … Continue reading

The Minions (2014) & Berenice (2014)

Here’s two more shorts, both directed by fav Jeremiah Kipp, that I recently watched. Kipp has become a filmmaker I greatly respect. He dares take on material that sometimes straddles the horror genre and Kipp has a way of documenting the beauty that lies in the horrifying. The first short film, THE MINIONS, does … Continue reading

New Publicity Trailer for “The Best There Ever Was” Drops from Derek Cole

Derek Cole.  Bart Mastronardi.  Alan Rowe Kelly.  Bloody Billy Pon.  Elias.  Jeremiah Kipp.  Richard Powell.  Todd Freeman.  Do I have your attention?  These are some of my favorite names and the biggest talents in the indie horror scene (I’m sure I forgot a few names; forgive me).  Whenever I hear that anyone on this list … Continue reading

Baggage (2013)

I don’t know if you realize it but there’s a group of very talented filmmakers living and working in New York City. Of course I’m not referring to big budget Hollywood filmmakers — they are more like ‘directors’ just taking on any project that comes their way. I’m talking about passionate, dedicated, visionaries who only … Continue reading

“In Fear Of” Web Series Lands for All Us to See … & I Got ‘Em Right Here!!

Indie filmmaker extraordinaire, Jeremiah Kipp, just emailed me to update me on a recent project he just completed.  He directed some episodes in a web-based series titled IN FEAR OF.  But best of all Kipp sent me the links to all the webisodes so you can check them all out right now (I made it … Continue reading