Kurt Russell Horror-Western Bone Tomahawk Set to Headline 2015 Fantastic Fest

There’s so many awesome things happening in the above headline!! Firstly, Kurt Russell is returning to the genre; secondly, Russell is starring in a horror film; thirdly, the film, BONE TOMAHAWK, is getting mad buzz and great word of mouth. BONE TOMAHAWK is written and directed by S. Craig Zahler and in addition to Russell stars an … Continue reading

William Shatner Starring in a Horror-Themed X-Mas Movie!!

What other name than William Shatner inspires such images of B-movie acting and scene chewing? Okay, okay … maybe David Hasselhoff and to a lesser extent, Andy Dick, but Shatner is the King!! From his turn on the USS Enterprise, to his battle against hundreds of thousands of spiders, to his doe-eyed, panicked performance at … Continue reading

Re-Animator Gets Blu-rayed This September!!

This is the kind of shit I love to report about!!  One of the genre’s all time best films, RE-ANIMATORis getting a Blu-ray facelift this September from Image Entertainment.  Once you see this gory 1985 masterpiece you’ll never look at horror films in the same way.  Director Stuart Gordon makes it seem all so easy:  he … Continue reading

Dead Season Coming to DVD in July

Just what the genre needs … another zombie flick. Sorry for the pessimism but as I’ve written before, the zombie genre needs some new ideas!! Maybe the upcoming release of DEAD SEASONwill be our savior!! DEAD SEASON is directed by Adam Deyoe, written by Deyoe, Joshua Klausner, and Loren Semmens and stars James C. Burns, … Continue reading

The Tall Man is Coming to Theaters in August

Pascal (MARTYRS) Laugier’s latest film, THE TALL MAN, is finally finding a home this Ausgust, and the news is better than I thought.  Image Entertainment is taking care of this film’s U.S. release and this horror-friendly label has decided to give THE TALL MAN a theatrical release!!  According to the website Jessica Biel Central: “The news … Continue reading