The Strain Returns with Season 4

The Master has taken over and the Strigoi are running it all, with a manifesto to humans of either join or die. That’s right! FX’s original series, The Strain will be airing it’s final chapter with season 4, beginning July 16th. You can check out the trailer below as well as additional information about the … Continue reading

Justice League Dark to Have “Real Horror Elements” In It

I just love it when my two favorite worlds collide. You all probably realize I love the horror genre (obviously), but I am also a die hard comic book junkie (DC, not Marvel–except for Marvel movies). So, when I came across this article about one of my favorites, Justice League Dark, I just had to … Continue reading

10 Upcoming Horror Movies to Look Out For

Overall, 2015 wasn’t the greatest year for horror releases. We had the standard big studio releases that focused on “themes of the month” (cookie cutter ghost stories and the such) and we had some rather disappointing indie horror releases with the occasional good one thrown in. Hey, it is a numbers game. Watch as many … Continue reading

Eli Roth to Direct Prehistoric Killer Shark Flick, Meg

It looks like after all these years, all it took was a $500 million plus opening weekend to get MEG the green light!! MEG is based on the 1997 bestselling novel, MEG: A NOVEL OF DEEP TERROR by Steve Alten. The film focuses on a female megalodon shark which emerges from the Mariana Trench more than 2.6 million years after it … Continue reading

Trailer Drops for Del Toro’s Crimson Peak

The first trailer for the upcoming Guillermo del Toro ghost story, CRIMSON PEAK, is finally here. This is a pretty exciting project for horror fans because before all the huge robots and HELLBOYs, del Toro used to make extremely effective gothic-like ghost stories. This isn’t just del Toro returning to his “safe zone,” this is … Continue reading