Carrie (2013)

(SPOILERS AHOY, CAPTAIN!) Okay, now everyone knows that Stephen King has written over 914 books (okay, it’s really 50), seven of them under the pen name Seymour Butts (okay, it’s really Richard Bachman), and nearly 200 short stories (okay, it’s really- uh… no wait, that’s not bullshit, it really is 200, the prolific bastard). Many … Continue reading

I Share the Same Birthday as Carrie … Yes; THAT Carrie

A few Friday’s ago I celebrated my birthday (on September 21), and apparently someone else, someone considerably more famous, also calls September 21st their birthday. That person is Carrie White!! Recently on the official CARRIE Facebook page, Carrie’s birth certificate popped up. So it looks like CARRIE is a Virgo … a very untypical Virgo … Continue reading

Carrie Remake Wraps Up Filming

Holy shit, time flies!! It seems like only yesterday I was reporting on the irst casting news for the CARRIE remake, and now they’ve already completed filming. Trevor Duke-Moretz, Chloe Grace Moretz’s brother, tweeted the following the other day and was retweeted by Chloe and posted on the official CARRIE Facebook page: [L]ast day on … Continue reading

The Official Plot Crunch of the Carrie Remake Drops!! Are We All Gonna Laugh?

The recently released official plot crunch of the upcoming CARRIE remake has dropped and the one thing on everyone’s mind is whether or not the prom ends in gallons of blood, mayhem, chaos, and murder. Well read on to find out: A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz), a … Continue reading

More News on the Carrie Remake: Chloe Moretz Talks about Becoming Carrie & More Casting News

The news continues to come from the upcoming CARRIE remake.  In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Chloe Moretz talks in about what she’s doing to prepare to the challenging role.  Then we get some more casting news.  Here’s what Moretz has to say about preparing for the role: “I am changing everything about me—my hair, my … Continue reading