Casting News on the Upcoming Remake of The Crow

In case you didn’t know, in addition to my obsession with horror films, I’m also a huge comic book geek with an ever-growing collection. One of my favorite dark-themed graphic novels is THE CROW, by James O’Barr. O’Barr originally wrote THE CROW as a means of dealing with the death of his girlfriend by a … Continue reading

Ring 3 Prequel, Rings, Drops Release Date

I wrote it many times before and I’ll write it again. The 2002 American remake, THE RING, was better than the original 1998 Japanese film, RINGU. I enjoyed both films but thought the remake was better in every way. After the disastrous 2005 sequel, THE RING TWO, which we won’t talk about (blech!!), now we’re … Continue reading