Anything Horror Scott’s Best Honorable Mentions of 2015

What a year for horror films!! The good films vastly outweighed the bad ones–at least in the films that I saw. I could have easily increased my Best of list to include twenty-five to thirty films that I really enjoyed in 2015. But instead of giving you all a huge list, I decided to do … Continue reading

Ejecta (2014)

Here’s a fun and at times subdued little film. EJECTA is a sci-fi/horror flick about human beings encountering extraterrestrial life. But this is different from the countless other films made with this premise. This is definitely on the lower end of the scale as far as budgets go, and this is not–I repeat, not–a found footage movie. … Continue reading


Some classics coming out this week!! There’s more than a few I’ll be adding to my collection, Let’s get to it: BATMAN UNLIMITED: MONSTER MAYHEM (2015) It’s Halloween night in Gotham, and the Joker’s going for his greatest trick of all when he looses a quartet of the spookiest supervillains–Scarecrow, Clayface, Solomon Grundy, and Silver … Continue reading

New Trailer Drops for Ejecta

EJECTA is one of the many films I’m looking forward to checking out in 2015. But EJECTA hasn’t caught my attention due to excessive gore or violence, but for the story. Check out the plot crunch: The film tells the terrifying story of two men whose lives cross paths on a fateful night during a … Continue reading

2015 Horror Movie Preview

Let’s face it, 2014 wasn’t the best year for horror releases. Sure there were a few fantastic horror flicks that came out of 2014 but overall it was a disappointing year. If you’re wondering what 2015 has in store for horror releases then sit back and get ready. I scoured the internet looking for 2015 horror releases … Continue reading