Cujo Remake News: New Title & Cast Announced

Next up in the unnecessary remake category comes a remake of everyone’s favorite, cuddly dog, CUJO. The original 1983 film was based in the novel of the same name by horror master, Stephen King and is about a friendly St. Bernard who gets rabies and proceeds to terrorize and entire small town. The remake, though, … Continue reading

Trailer Drops for Bestseller

Ya gotta love a kid’s author who has a dark side!! Johnathan Rand is a well-known children’s author who writes adult fiction under the pseudonym Christopher Knight. One of his adult novels from 2003, BESTSELLER, was adapted to the big screen and it seems to be a hit. The film, also titled BESTSELLER, is directed by Christina Rohn, … Continue reading

Teaser Drops for Wasteland: Tales of the Desert Part 1

A teaser dropped for the upcoming indie scifi-horror flick, WASTELAND: TALES OF THE DESERT PART 1. The film is written and directed by Kevin Buchholz and stars DJ Perry, David Gries, Nicholas X. Parsons, and Damian Maffei. Check out the press release: First WASTELAND Tales of the Desert Part 1 TEASER Released Gray Day Films in association with Collective Development Inc. … Continue reading

DJ Perry Set to Star in Bestseller

DJ Perry is definitely a man who doesn’t like to have a lot of down time!!  Perry is pretty well known on the indie horror scene and although all his films are far from hits (DEADLY RENOVATIONS was damn near unwatchable), he always puts is a decent performance.  Currently Perry is attached to nine films … Continue reading

Official Trailer & Art Work Drop for Darkest Night

The long awaited international indie horror film, DARKEST NIGHT, finally has an official trailer and poster.  DARKEST NIGHT is written by Russ Williams, directed by Noel Tan, and stars DJ Perry, Anne Gauthier, Issa Litton, Nic Campos, and Jill Palencia.  Check out the plot summary: “Darkest Night” has its roots in horror styles and moods from many eastern and western traditions. Filmed … Continue reading