Tim Burton in Talks to Direct Beetlejuice 2

The internet was ablaze recently when talks about BEETLEJUICE 2 resurfaced.  And then this happened and now all that buzz is becoming venom.  According to TheWrap.com, it’s no longer a rumor about Tim Burton’s involvement:  “He’s officially in talks to direct the sequel for Warner Bros.”  Does this mean we can expect Johnny Depp in … Continue reading

Dark Shadows (2012)

[I must admit that Deggsy and I had a stalemate about this one!! Neither one of us wanted to see it and we both held out thinking the other one would crack and see it just because it’s a new release. Deggsy cracked and I definitely dodged this bullet. Now I owe one to Deggsy … Continue reading

New Stills Drop for Burton’s Upcoming Dark Shadows … Finally, a Little Blood (Very Little)!!

I’ll admit that I was V E R Y disappointed when I first saw the trailer to Tim Burton’s re-imaging of DARK SHADOWS. Yeah I know it’s Burton’s vision, but jesus christ … couldn’t he have kept any of the atmosphere from the original TV show that made it so “re-make worthy”?? Below are a … Continue reading

First Trailer for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows is … Ya Gotta See it for Yourselves!!

I just watched the first trailer for Tim Burton’s DARK SHADOWS and I’m … well I’m … shocked. Appalled. Horrified (not in the good way). I’ve already said too much. Check out the trailer for yourselves: Yeah; see wha I’m talking about!! It looks campy, slap-sticky, and very tongue-in-cheek. I think I’m actually nauseous. This … Continue reading

Original Cast of Dark Shadows Joins the New Cast in Some Cross-Generational Pics

I love it when generations clash. It’s always fun to watch older people defend their generation while younger people have no leg to stand on. But its even better when, in the case of the DARK SHADOWS remake, the newer generation pays tribute and acknowledges the original cast that made DARK SHADOWS the hit it … Continue reading