Uncut 35mm Print of Suspiria Has Been Found, Will Screen Around the US

Suspiria is one of those films that every horror fan needs to see. Scratch that. It’s a film that every horror fan needs to experience. This is one of Dario Argento’s masterpieces and it more than stands up to the test of time. So, what could be better than experiencing Suspiria on Blu-ray? How about … Continue reading

Demons (1985)

(This is another in a series of reviews of movies from the 70s and 80s, part of a small collection of horror and science fiction movies on videotape that I bought at a flea market before Christmas, some of which I haven’t seen at all, others not since they first came out) Things to know … Continue reading

Wondering About the Suspiria Remake? The Legal System Finally Works in our Favor!!

I’ve been writing about the “upcoming” SUSPIRIA remake since 2010 (July 16, 2010, to be exact. Click here)!! Well this article brings us no closer to seeing the final product. David Gordon Green (PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, YOUR HIGHNESS) was attached to direct and he even expressed interest in doing the remake with Natalie Portman starring (great … Continue reading

Official Trailer for Argento’s Dracula 3D Drops … Uummm … Goodie?

After a few teaser trailers a few months ago, the official trailer for Dario Argento’s DRACULA 3D has finally dropped and its … uuhhh, well … As you’ll see below there’s a CG owl, a CG wolf, a man on fire with CG flames, Dracula’s claws extending and retracting CG-style, … do ya see what … Continue reading

Unfinished Trailer Leaked of Argento’s Dracula 3D

Dario Argento is no doubt one of the master’s of the horror genre. His early giallo films are compared to those of Hitchcock’s best, and his horror films helped define the genre. But let’s face it, his recent track record isn’t so hot. SLEEPLESS (2001), THE CARD PLAYER (2004), and DO YOU LIKE HITCHCOCK? (2005) … Continue reading