Cabin Fever (2016) … A Serious Case of Deja Vu

After just coming off the MARTYRS remake, I came across the remake of 2002s CABIN FEVER and thought, “What the hell. How bad could it be?” Whereas this remake didn’t anger me as much as the remake of MARTYRS, there was one thing that kept echoing through my head as I was watching CABIN FEVER: “Haven’t … Continue reading

The Green Inferno (2015)

I can’t think of another horror director who has divided the genre like Eli Roth. Diehard horror fans either love him or hate him and I could never figure out why. Say what you will about Roth, but he is one of the few directors who genuinely loves the horror genre. He hasn’t used the genre as … Continue reading

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)

In 2002 Eli Roth gave horror fans something to stand up and cheer about. Instead of the same tired slashers killing the same tired twenty-somethings in the same tired settings, Roth gave us a new kind of killer:  The flesh-eating disease. Still confusing to me today the horror community was split down the middle about … Continue reading

Feeling Itchy? It Might be 2 More Cabin Fever Sequels

According to, in an extremely biased article, Indomina Group is planning on filming two more sequels, back to back apparently, expanding on the world of CABIN FEVER that Eli Roth first created back in 2002. Me, I really enjoyed CABIN FEVER. A lot. It was a throwback to 80’s horror films and had a … Continue reading